Monday, January 3, 2011

Palm Springs Gayborhood Sunday Brunch

The day after Christmas, Dr Desert Flower and I drove from La Quinta to Palm Springs, to seek out a delicious brunch.  We had our radar set for Cheeky's (as in Cheeky Monkey) due to the positive Yelp reviews, but they were closed on December 26th.  Luckily, Jake's was open, just 2 doors down, and we were early enough to Just Preempt the Sunday Brunch lunch.
Now keep in mind, this was our first time to Palm Springs ever, and while we are familiar with Phoenix's Central Gayborhood, we'd never knew that Palm Springs had such a vibrant Gayborhood as well.  the weather was a lil chilly - in the upper 50s and lower 60s, but not unpleasantly so.  Jake's was busy, but Bruce Bloch (proprietor) was doing a wonderful job of keeping his guests' beverages refilled, complimentary cookies and treats flowing, and bills arriving promptly.  The service was customer centric, the food delicious with generous portions (and relatively low carb, when choosing the '3 eggs any way you want them') and not expensive at all for a Sunday Brunch. The Mighty Lead tea was organic and sustainable. - we were sort of glad that Cheeky's was closed in retrospect.  Only complaint was the one stall unisex bathroom, which did not afford enough capacity for the coffee and tea filled customers - though the rest room was artfully decorated! =)

After a leisurely brunch, we sauntered down the street (California 111 Business) and crossed to visit Café Chocolate Palm Springs - an amazing chocolate shop where the fine chocolates were little pieces of art.  This chocolate shop sits beside a place called "Corridor", which is a breezeway leading to a hidden courtyard.  As we walked into the sunny courtyard, Dr Desert Flower and I became immediately aware of our obvious heterosexuality.  We were not bears, or in leather, or walking our little fru-fru-doggies, or lounging happily with our life partner having a pleasant picnic on the grass - add a head dressed Indian and a Construction Worker and all the Village People would have been there.  It was a nice little microcosm, and we did not feel "out of place" or "ostracized" in any way, but as we walked into just fabulous "fabulous gifts for fabulous people" and I saw a copy of the Penis Pokey Activity Book prominently displayed, I could not contain my laughter.  Yes, they had all the ripped washboard abs fire-fighter calendars, and artys posters, hip music, hilarious cards full of innuendo and such, but we did not purchase any items as we browsed, it was a very amusing shop.

So while La Quinta appears to be populated with many older, conservative, golfing type of people, Palm Springs has a healthy population of Sunday Brunch goers who are less elderly, more fashionable, much more eclectic, friendly, and apparently much more tolerant...and way so fabulous.

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