Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Another big thanks to Ame, for the Flax recommendation.  We got another pasture raised, free range, organic chicken from Double Check last week at the Farmer's market.  After roasting the chicken, there was a good bit of natural juice leftover - just as there was at Thanksgiving. 

COSTCO here now sells Organic Golden Flax from Flax USA.  Inside the re-sealable bag is a handy little scoop.  Three of these scoops, and viola, the thin chicken juice was beautifully thickened.  Gluten free, natural fiber, loads of healthy omega 3s, lower carb - Much lower carb than using corn starch, which used to be the "go to" way to thicken gravy chez nous.  And tasty too! 

I would have never thought of using flax to thicken gravy had Ame not recommended it.  Thanks again!

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