Monday, January 3, 2011

Green Eyed Obese Geriatric Lady

Dr Desert Flower's 16 pound geriatric paranoid cat - afraid of her own shadow, door bells, children, foot steps, etc - was lounging at the foot of the bed last weekend, when the setting sun hit her eyes "just right". 
She's almost a Russian Blue, but her eyes are green - and she has no pedigree papers being a shelter rescue.  If she wasn't so paranoid, and obsessed with suckling her own nipples LOUDLY (usually while we are trying to sleep) due to being taken from her mother before she was fully weaned (our Bloomington IN Vet Sherri once guessed) won, she'd be an awesome cat.  Luckily DDF doesn't hear the feline slurping suckling... lol!

The cat's eye color inspired me to look up Sugar Loaf's "Green Eyed Lady" for future reference here.  Sweet base line, but the drums are lacking and the guitar, anemic. Gotta love the jammin' 1970s electric organ!

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