Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Hardest I've Ever Seen Her Laugh

Back in December, Dr Desert Flower and I watched "30 Rock" on DVR, and enjoyed the "Christmas Attack Zone" episode tremendously (online summaries by others of that episode here and here).  If you follow this Hulu link, and advance to the 5:45 mark, you can see the dialogue that sent my loving wife of almost 2 dozen years into tearful & contorted laughter at first, then jumping up and down laughing hysterically, before falling onto the floor and literally "rolling on the floor" in uncontrollable laughter, hilarity, and over-whelming joy.  I've never seen her so consumed with laughter before, in all the years I've known her.  "30 Rock" is very well written, acted, and delivered.  This last year, it helped to remind us and reinforce our decision to not spend thousands of dollars flying to visit our families in the frozen midwest, when DDF didn't have the vacation available to do it anyways.

Note: Yes, Hulu does SUCK in it's completely unavoidable and un-skip-able commercials (that's why DVRs were invented, and why I resist canceling my cable/digital satellite subscription), but when you turn the sound off, and do something else while the inane commercials run, it's not so bad =)

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