Friday, January 7, 2011

5 Dollar LaGranja Syrah Delivers

As I've stated previously, I don't normally go for catchy labels on my wine.  A chicken laying a golden egg seemed a little cheesy, but Trader Joes had this on sale for $4.99 a bottle, and at that price, I really could not pass up trying it.  I'd had Spanish Carinenas before, and this bottle DID have a serialized Carinena denominacion de origen back label, so I put my bias aside against catchy labels, and bought the "La Granja 360" - which translates to "The Farm 360".

I finished the bottle earlier this week, over the course of my Tuesday and Wednesday dinners - one a meat dish (grilled organic pasture fed ribeye, mmmm, with onions and mushrooms) and the other some left over cheese and celery from New Years and the last of the almond butter.  It was really delicious, but went better with the ribeye.  I'd call it a "full bodied syrah".  It did have some black cherry tones, but it was not overwhelming. Dr Desert Flower enjoyed it as well.

La Granja is bottled for Axial by a negotient, SL by R.E. 4099Z Almonacid de la Sierra 50108 Spain, and imported by Evaki, San Luis Obispo CA for Trader Joes.  This won't be the last bottle from "The Farm 360" that we enjoy, chez nous, especially at $5 a bottle!

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