Sunday, January 9, 2011

AZ Has No Shortage of Guano

As far as crazy people go, my current state of residence has no shortage.  A young dejected loser, who would not even be accepted by the US Army when he applied in Phoenix, poses rambling questions to his elected Congresswoman back in 2007 - so rambling that even "friends" of 'Jared' thought the question was incomprehensible.  So disillusioned and isolated, this unstable Tucson-ite gets kicked out of community college, arrested on Pot charges, buys a Glock 9mm at an Arizona gun shop right after the November 2010 election, and plots his next move. If his personal agenda could not be solved "by the ballot" then he'd solve it "with bullets".

Jared then sees that his district's Congresswoman Gabriel Giffords is going to hold a 'town hall' meet & greet at a local Tucson Safeway on a Saturday morning.  He goes there, with 33 round extended magazines.  To get a good idea of what a 33 round extended clip Glock 9mm looks like, see the picture to the right.  A Glock has a standard 15 round clip.  To get the "extended" clip that holds 33 rounds, the magazine sticks out twice as long as the pistol's handle. Shown here is one magazine loaded into a Glock 9mm, and 2 additional standard 15 round magazines beside the weapon.

So this delusional Jared boy walks up to Congresswoman Gifford, and shoots her in the head (forehead, from the preliminary look of the ambulance bound photos).  Luckily for Gifford, Jared, not knowing much about firearms apparently, did not have the foresight to buy hollow tipped bullets, so the bullet passed through her skull and out the back.  Also luckily for Gifford, she had a staffer who was trained as a first responder, who applied pressure to the wounds, slowed the bleeding, shielded Gifford from intrusive cameramen, and "probably saved her life" (per the "this Week" ABC report this morning).  Another 6 people, including a 9 year old girl born on 9-11, and Federal Judge John Roll, were not as lucky, and died.  Another 13 people are wounded, some of them critically.  One of the wounded was a woman who after being shot, attempted to wrest the weapon and new magazine from Jared as he tried to reload, while kept yelling "why!?!?" at him (per ABC's "This Week").

Originally, law enforcement was looking for a 2nd "person of interest" who was seen by witnesses running from the seen just prior to the assassination attempt.  This afternoon, Yahoo News was announcing that this misguided idiot Jared "acted alone" from what initial investigations of his home, his internet postings, and the suspect himself were revealing.
Where could a disillusioned, mentally unstable person like Jared get the idea to shoot at, and try to kill an elected official?  Well, has a convenient list of targets.  I wonder how many other of the Democrats on this list have increased their security details.  Thanks sarah, and glen, Hush Dimbulb, and all the others.  Heck, even Olbermann apologized on air, for ANY acts of violence his rhetoric might have inspired in the past and strictly told all his viewers that nothing a pundit says should ever lead to violence (transcript here).  Calls from Fox News on a similar message have yet to be broadcast or heard.

There is no shortage of guano in Arizona.  Lots of publicly carried hand guns, no shortage of misguided "blame it all on Mexicans" xenophobes, and now one less rational politician.  Giffords may recover, but ask Reagan's press secretary Jim Brady how easy it is to return to your day job after being shot in the head.   First South Carolina, and now Arizona... no shortage of nut cases.

Wanting to get the US back on the gold standard, claiming the US Constitution has no authority to establish police forces, claiming no one in AZ district 8 is literate, posing rambling questions to Congresswomen and getting mad when they don't answer it to your satisfaction, and posting nonsensical youtube videos just prior to going on a shooting spree, I hope Jared finds his new role as "prison b*tch girl friend" enjoyable, until the day he's executed by the vengeful US judiciary system.


  1. oh, and this morning, Andrew Smear-bart on this morning stated "those weren't cross hairs, those were surveyor marks on Sarah Palin's web site". LMAO! Surveyor's marks?

    Yeah, the "Right" never ever ever inflames anyone, and they are always the victims of attacks from the evil left.

  2. The right doesn't believe in surveyors' marks...they're against the stimulus, remember?

    Some interesting developments on this lately:

    Tweet of the year:

    Turns out that gun-toting bystander who helped subdue Loughner almost shot the guy who wrestled the gun away from him:

    It's a good thing he thought twice about pulling that trigger. Leave the armed intervention to the police folks...they have a hard enough time telling good guy from bad guy as it stands.

    Interestingly, Loughner was stopped by a cop the day of the rampage:

    He also paid a visit to Wal-Mart...want to make a bet as to what he purchased there? Maybe enough ammo to fill several 33 round magazines? The folks who took Loughner's gun away did so as he tried to reload. Ideological predisposition aside, California's restrictions on high-capacity magazines come off as pretty sensible in that light.

  3. Yeah, I was watching Fox with the sound off the other day as I chopped vegetables, preparing to grill them, and when I glanced up for a moment, they had an old man in Tucson, pantomime-wrestling with a Fox News "Reporter" with the caption "Man Who Stopped Shooter Shows How He Did It". I can't handle watching Fox with the sound on, and I DVR'ed O'Falafel and Guano Beck on Monday, but couldn't make it more than 1 minute into the broadcast before my BP started to rise from all the BS they were spouting, so I promptly deleted those "loons".


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