Monday, January 3, 2011

Unsupervised Children Will Be Eaten

At the "Welcome Center" on I-10 as you cross over from California into Arizona, there's this lovely little sign:

We found this to be "scary" the first time we ever drove into Arizona in the summer of 2007.  Now, we see it as amusing and perhaps practical.  Though we've never seen a scorpion or poisonous snake in our yard, we have seen 4 and 6 foot diamond back rattle snakes in the Mayo Clinic parking lot, trying to get warm on the black top on a cool Fall evening, and one of our neighbors did find a dead scorpion in one of their planters.  Though I hiked all over the Gila Mountain range in South Mountain Park, just north of the Gila River, I never once saw a Gila Monster.  I Have been bitten by a black widow here in Arizona, but heck, we had black widows back in South Carolina too!

...and if you want to walk your dog, off a leash, at a Interstate Rest Stop, make sure you've got a wide array of anti-venom, for various snakes, lizards, spiders, and scorpions for your precious little pup. 

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