Wednesday, January 12, 2011

NPR, Stop Covering That Alaskan Quitter!

I am seriously considering writing to NPR and asking for my annual pledge money back.  They've been really tremendously piss poor in covering the Tucson shooting.  I had to turn them off, AGAIN this evening, as I was responding to blog posts, and they ran a disgusting 4 minute piece on Sarah Palin's reaction, and her predictable re-accusal of others (as she is the Master of Personalized Victimization). Who Cares? Her 15 minutes of fame were up in November of 2008.  Stop Covering her, if you want to maintain any shred of dignity as a news organization... or did all of that leave with Ellen Wiess?  They got Mayhem Fest wrong, and didn't bother to look it up.  They're stumbling all over themselves.  They keep calling the disturbed Jared kid an "accused suspect" - there's witnesses, he's proud he did it, he was pinned at the scene, there's no "accused" about it.  Yes, yes, in America we have too many lawyers who sue everyone for "libel", whatever. 

I'm enjoying listening to my Playlist here instead.  =)

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