Monday, January 10, 2011

Best Crying Boehner Inspiration Ever

The SNL episode last Saturday (8 January 2011) had a Weekend Update that was hilarious & accurate. 32 year old  Bill Hader does excellent impressions and is huge talent asset for Lauren Michael's troupe of comedians..  His John Boehner visually was not that awesome - with only a mild orange tone and a MASSIVE OVERSIZED forehead that was not Boehner-esque, but verbally, the dialogue & writing was perfect!

Jump to the 34:30 minute mark (link here), to see & hear each of Nancy Pelosi's statements that made Boehner cry like the little baby girl he truly is:
Nancy Pelosi:
"Little American Flags.
An Old Man, Saluting a Parade.
A son coming home and making Folgers[TM].
Reruns of Touched By An Angel.
Reruns of Magnum PI."
But then Pelosi pauses, and says: "Millions Without Health Care" - Boehner instantly stops crying (they need to get their own damn bootstraps!) ... and wipes his tears.
Determined to drive her point home, Pelosi continues:
"A puppy, in a red white and blue bandana sits near a door. A soldier walks in carrying his bags. the puppy greets him with barks...  and kisses" - Cry Baby Boehner's hysterical crying resumes.  If anyone needs to "Man Up", it is the orangeman.


  1. Cual capitulo es? quiero verlo

  2. cual capitulo es? quiero verlo

  3. Saturday NIght Live, Saturday 8 January 2011... should be on Hulu...

  4. gracias por responder.
    no pude ver. hulu casi todos los videos no se pueden ver porque es hace mucho.
    que lastima no encontré


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