Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Kill The Reasonable Moderates?

Steve Inskeep interviews (link here) Rashid Rahman, editor of Pakistan's Daily Times after the funeral and burial of Punjab province Governor Salman Taseer who was killed by a cowardly fundamentalist assassin - shot repeatedly in the back with an AK-47.  The proud, deranged, grossly misguided - and perhaps insane -  assassin failed miserably in his sworn duty as a body guard to protect the governor, and decided instead to narrowly interpret the Koran as he saw fit, murdering a respected, elected official, who he judged as being a defender of "blasphemers against Islam."

This is akin to a "Christian [TM]" sniper shooting a gynecologist who gives abortions, an IRA bomber murdering a policeman, a Nazi SS member killing a Jew, or a Sunni killing a Shia (whom the most radically fundamentalist Wahhabi Sunnis consider heretics).  It's madness.  Pure, evil, visceral human hatred, fueled by misguided fundamentalist religion.  Except this time, instead of just an individual, this inept, disloyal, cowardly, pathetic, sad little boy who thought he was a man killed a vocal, moderate leader.  Maybe the moderate majority of main stream Pakistanis who can no longer stomach their vocal fundamentalist minority country-men will start to stand up against such violent extremism.  Or maybe, the assassin will be let go with a slap on the wrist, with friends in the ISI.

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