Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Where's the Bypass Code NPR Fund Drives?

the local NPR radio station, KJZZ is holding another fund drive on the radio this week.  They just had one in September, and I donated in September... so why another one now just prior to Christmas?  I understand quality programming is not cheap, and public radio doesn't get the same level of funding the BBC gets, but I WISH there was a "Bypass Code" that one could use, that the local NPR radio station gives you after you've donated, so that you don't have to listen to them ask for more pledges every 10 minutes.

Maybe it could be a macro they email to you, so you can listen uninterrupted while streaming online... or they reveal a different FM frequency that they broadcast in parallel only during the fund drives and you cna only get the frequency if you donate... or they sell an audio descrambler that you can put in your ear that takes a encoded signal and filters out the pledge drive interruptions and lets the normal programming continue... I don't know... but something is needed.  I've taken to not listening to the radio at all during prime times alone at home or in the car when I'd automatically have it tuned to KJZZ 91.5 FM.  There's got be to better, cost effective solutions...  just no one's applied them yet.

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