Monday, December 6, 2010

DBG in December

I spent the better part of 3 hours walking around the Desert Botanical garden on Saturday - while Dr Desert Flower was busy aloquoting in her lab.  The cacti, succulents, wild flowers, birds, weather, sparsity of garden visitors (they were getting ready for Luminaria and I was one of the last people they let in that morning) were amazing.  I even saw a road runner t one point near the upper hill trail, though the great horned owl who rests in the cotton woods near the riparian area was hiding elsewhere.  This kind of "reset" I find quite tranquil, calming, and helps to reset the stresses that build up through the work week. 
Even without the Chihuly glass exhibit installed this year, the garden is still flourishing.  The curved bill thrashers, mocking birds, and verdins are out in full force.  Occasional hummingbirds fly sorties.  I saw dozens of butterflies as well.  And the bees...  refreshingly, on nearly every flowering plant, there were no shortage of bees. 
Bottle brush plant that was irresistible to the bees.
I did forget to take some water with me, and although the DBG has many water fountains located throughout the various trails, I've found that if it is not in my hand, or strapped to my waist or back, I typically don't partake of the water.  When you come to Phoenix, and we go visit the DBG, we'll take water with us, for the walk around the garden, and in the cooler in the car when the tour is done.

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