Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Hidden Quark

Crow's Dairy makes awesome cheese.  This 8oz Dill Quark was delicious.  It goes well with organic cucumbers, or organic carrots, or organic celery, all of which my son and I enjoyed voraciously after hikes last month, while sitting on the veranda watching hummingbird sorties just prior to sunset and polishing off a bottle of wine.

Goats, I think, are under appreciated in general.  They'll eat anything - Colbert had a piece about how goats were 'stealing American jobs" by eating poison ivy and poison oak.  Yes, after they eat alot, goats poop alot, but it's little pellets, not giant cow patties, and it's good fertilizer - perhaps not after they've eaten poison ivy or oak though!  =)  In Mexico (at least in Monterrey, where I have been) they prepare and serve delicious grilled goat.

Dr Desert Flower and I like goats so much, we gave one as a Christmas gift through Heifer International this year.

The Dill Quark is not quite the Higgs Boson, but it is a tasty find!

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