Sunday, December 26, 2010

"Kommst Du mit?

"Wir gehen auf eine Party zu haben. Kommst Du mit?" 
Back in High School in NW Indiana, my German language text book was "Sport und Spiel" taught by the Octogenarian Frau Barritz - she actually broke her hip my Sophomore year, and died a few months later, but she sure did teach us how to say UMLAUTS - by SQUEEZING our cheeks together.  One of the memories burned into my brain from that class was a dialogue about having a party:
Girl: (who is named Gabi) "Wir gehen auf eine Party zu haben. Kommst Du mit?"
Boy: "Ja, Ich mag zu kommen."
Gabi: "Wer ist dein Lieblingstar?"
Boy:  "Udo Werner, er is mein Lieblingstar!"
Mutter (mother): "Gabi, das telefon klingt"
Boy: "Oh yea, Mathe kommt dran!" (great, Math is next)
...the dialogue never made much sense, but it burnt into my long term memory, and everytime there's talk of a party, Gabi and Udo come to mind.

So since we have no children living at home with us, and Dr. Desert Flower loves to throw parties, we're throwing a New Year's Eve party here in Phoenix.  You're invited.  If you don't know how to get here, look at the "About Me" portion of the left hand margin, and email me.  I'll send you directions.  We've already got about a dozen friends coming over - no kids, pets, smoking please.  We'll have food, drink, bubbly, and music.  

If you're flying in, let me know what flight number, and I'll pick you up at the air port - no rental car needed.  We've got a queen sized bed in the guest bed room, a futon, large couch, and an inflata-bed if you want to crash.


  1. Will you be making erdbeerbowle? Don't forget: he who can cut a radish is also a good dancer.

  2. Probably no erdbeerbowle, but Dr Desert Flower is a strong proponent of St. Germaine elderberry.
    ...and that'll be mixed with prosecco or cava for a delicious bubbly beverage, for those who request it.


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