Tuesday, December 7, 2010

All Those Evil Illegals Stealin Our Jobs!

Terry Greene Sterling has a nice, factual piece in this week's Phoenix New Times (link here).  It debunks the b*ll sh*t fabricated myths and gross exaggerations that oft quoted conservative lobbying groups like FAIR, NumbersUSA, and Center for Immigration Studies successfully and convincingly pass off as legitimate.  And these three Caucasian-centric lobbying groups reference each other frequently, to try and lend weight and plausibility to the smoke they're blowing up everyone's backsides - and they're all linked to John Tanton, ew, creepy.

Now be fore-warned, the piece is Very long, and somewhat long winded and dramatic in places where it doesn't need to be, but it is not a bad work.  Ms Green Sterling does have a penchant for saying in a page what could be stated in 2 or 3 sentences, but her article does shed a bright light on the discrepancies between reality and lies FAIR and their comrades propagate, and I am all about exposing hypocrisy, especially when it is funded by rich and powerful Republicans, and embraced by the throngs of Idiocracy who believe anything they're told without fact checking. 

Ms Greene Sterling talks about the Macro-economics of illegal immigration, the cost to educate undocumented workers' children and the ROI in taxes, the myth that all illegal immigrants are involved in violent or property or drug crimes, the DREAM act, and how successful the Arizona state Republicans have been at selling their fairy tale to not only Arizona voters, but many other states and cities nation-wide.

"They took our jobs!" - funny as a South Park episode, not factually true, you ignorant, smiling, smug, sign carrying protester

"Derr Derr Derr Derr!"  is closer to the truth these scared white protesters really want to embrace. (warning, the "Derr" link not suitable for children, or viewing in an office where your internet traffic is closely monitored).


  1. Marklar marklar, marklar marklar marklar.

  2. Looking back, this posting from 2010 has gotten over 2000 hits. Today, in 2014, with unemployment at pre-recession levels but a lame duck Obama still in office, while a non-participative and uninformed electorate installs a Republican majority in both houses of a dysfunctional congress, this post remains as relevant as ever.


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