Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Retired, Extremely Dangerous

Dr Desert Flower and I saw RED on Friday night.  It was a very funny, very well put together movie.  A wild ride that starts off slowly, building beautifully, and finishing powerfully.  Robert Schwentke did a fine job constructing this, with a powerful cast of actors and actresses.

Bruce Willis is a much more believable and engage-able hero than Schwarzenegger.  John Malkovich was fantastic - what movie has Malkovich been in that hasn't been good?  Helen Mirren, mmmmmm.  Mary-Louise Parker was unexpectedly enticing as well.   Morgan Freeman, subtly under-stated as always. 

If you are over 35, you'll like this movie more than if you were born in the 80s or 90s.  The classic triumph of old age, skill and cunning over youth, strength and hubris. 


  1. What movie has Malkovich been in that hasn't been good? Con Air.

  2. Con Air was silly, agreed, but he was one of many villains in it, wasn't he?


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