Monday, December 13, 2010

First Day of the Rest of the Year

I heard there was some kind of low pressure front that blanketed most of the Midwest and Eastern US with some kind of white, frozen, precipitation or something this weekend?  Including collapsing the home a sports team who hired an old cajun QB who should've stayed retired 3 years ago?
That sort of thing is foreign to me, as it was 81F here yesterday, and it's going to be in the upper 70s this week.  First full day of vacation for me - lots to do around the house and in the yard.  Busy busy day ahead.

I should have most of the "need to do" stuff done by Wednesday.. so if you want to go on a
- 20 mile National & Alta trails hike on South Mountain
- a up one side, and down the other, then bike on flat land back to the car over and around Camel Back Mountain hike
- a tour of the North Phoenix mountains, some of which are in not-so-good neighborhoods (but you only live once, right?0
- a drive down to Picacho Peak (and hike up it) on a day when there's few tourists
- a hike through the Thunderbird Mountains in North Glendale

...then book your flights now!   Southwest is running lots of $59 fares.  We've got a full liquor cabinet and wine fridge, and a spare bed room.  So whatcha waiting for?  I'll come pick you up at the air port.


  1. oh, and we still have LOTS of sun screen left over from last summer, so you don't need to pack any. TSA doesn't like anything over 3 oz anyways, but we got you covered - SPF8, 15, 30, and 50.

  2. I'll ship Ryan right out to you! :)

  3. Send him on out! I'd love to see my old pal! ...and I promise to return him all in one piece.


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