Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Door To Door Unwelcomed

Around 9:30 am on Tuesday morning, my doorbell was wrung.  I was expecting several business package deliveries, so I walked the 30 steps from my office to the front door, only to find two, bald, African American, Evangelical Christian ministers at my door.  Both wore smiling a demeanor, and one reached for my steel barred security screen door in an effort to open it and hand me some useless pamphlet about his local church, saying "We know you must be very busy, we just want to leave you with this...".  He found the security door locked (as it always is) and before I closed the door in his face I told him "Je ne suis pas intéressé par les mensonges que vous vendez. Je m'en fous! Va te faire voir chez les Grecs."  (I am not interested in your lies, go have yourself shown at the house of the Greeks).

So it was with great amusement that I got this link from my friend Matt, just the day before::

"Australian filmmaker John Safran is so fed up with Mormons ringing his doorbell early in the morning that he flies to Salt Lake City Utah and tries to convert Mormons to atheism. Needless to say, the locals were not pleased."

This is very very funny to listen to this Ozzie rant, and then to see him talking to SLC residents, including an LDS bishop!

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