Thursday, December 2, 2010

Honeysuckle in the Sun - You'll Have Bees!

The Honeysuckle we planted last Spring in the back yard has sprouted up nicely.  Now that it's taller than the wall (an East West wall, where it's planted on the north face), it can get sun throughout the day.  And now that I've figured out some of the filters on my digital camera, I can take adequate images of it.

When I told my mother that we had planted honeysuckle to further the nutritional variety to the hummingbirds who visit our back yard, she immediately and directly retorted "You'll have bees. I had some by the garage and we had a terrible bee problem."

Well, we do have Africanized bees in Arizona, and I have seen aggressive bees in the neighborhood, and at Estrella Mountain Park, and South Mountain, but the bees tend to take more interest in the lavender and the basil than they do for the honeysuckle.  And not only the hummingbirds love & covet it, but there's a family of lizards who dart about behind it.  I even saw a praying mantis last month lurking on the trellis to which the honeysuckle is secured.

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