Sunday, December 5, 2010

Local Natives - Wide Eyes

One of the musical groups my son introduced me to while he was visiting last month, was Local Natives.  He had seen them at SXSW in Austin where he performed earlier this year, and was rightly impressed.  They have a drum heavy back ground sound - something that happens when the key boardist keeps a floor tom next to his chair when he's not playing (eg, White Rabbits).  I really like the sound of these guys on their Gorilla Manor album, when they're not whining. The youtube line to "Wide Eyes" below illustrates this principle.   It's a combination of 1/2 a dozen 80s and 90s bands, that has a nice effect.  Tip of the hat to my son for the introduction.

Another video, to "Airplanes" is here ( link ).  Same drumming background, with a touch more discordant lyrics.

It's not heavy metal / speed metal / math metal, or prog-rock, or 80s alternative, or anything intensely difficult to play, but it is melodious, and fun to listen to when in the right mood.  One cannot live on steak and lobster every day. Sometimes you need to have a hamburger, salad, some cheese, or falafel.   =)

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