Friday, December 10, 2010

Les Portes de Bordeaux

This evening's blog postings brought to you courtesy of Les Portes de Bordeaux, 2009, Grand Vin de Bordeaux, imported by Latitude Wines for Trader Joes (where is it less than $10 a bottle, mmmm).  It's a shame I bought only one bottle.  This one is almost gone...

For those of you in Phoenix or Kalifornia who are still working..  GO HOME!  It is almost 5pm on a Friday.  Let your spouses and children see you in the remaining day light.  Work will still be there Monday when you return.

(yes, I am a bad influence)

Les Portes de Bordeaux is a smooth, full bodied - but not harsh or overly-tanniny Bordeaux wine.   I THINK I got it for $6, but I don't want to dig up the receipt.  I am Sure it was less than $10, which is my cut off for wine experimentation.  Also.. the sound track of this evening's blog postings is Cake....  Never There, Satan is My Motor, Daria, Mexico, Comfort Eagle, Sheep Go To Heaven, Cool Blue Reason, etc...


  1. Unbelievable! found this at a new TJ's in Princeton NJ, $4.99. I bought 1 bottle, went back the next day and of course the 40 plus on the end cap were gone! Very nice wine, you were spot on with the description.

  2. Jacque, do not give up hope. Trader Joe's appears to be committed to this wonderful wine imported by Latitude. $4.99 is indeed the price here in Arizona as well, and I've given it as birthday and Christmas gifts, as well as use it as a delicious table wine in my home.

    And did you notice the hefty bottle? In this age of cost reducing and optimization, the Les Portes de Bordeaux folks are using strong, heavy duty, thick dark glass in their bottles. Feels refreshing to me, as a mechanical engineer, to pour from a substantial bottle, instead of a delicate one that might crush as easily as a light bulb.

    En cente!


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