Sunday, February 28, 2010

Georgia Republican Mutterficker

A real, honest to goodness, pro-life, Mutterficker. Well, I guess, since it was his mother in law, I guess he's a Schwiegermutterficker (video link here), thanks to JoeM.

Oh, the story checks out (link here, he admits it, and says he's 'sorry'). The new Georgia Speaker of the House & Republican hypocrite admitted he has been sleeping with his mother in law while his wife is pregnant. And yes, he did run on a strong "family values" campaign, to replace the previous Republican Speaker of the House (Richardson) who was married and then was caught in bed with a lobbyist, so he resigned, and tried to kill himself, but failed in the attempted suicide (link here). It IS The South. It gets really humid there.

Georgia, you threw out of office Max Cleland, a triple amputee Vietnam war hero who jumped on a grenade to save his buddies, and you go on to elect this kind of flotsam? Yes, I've lived in SC (hiking the Appalachian Trail & "You Lie") and Indiana (Potatoe) and now AZ (home to a host of political nut jobs), so I can't claim any "high ground"... I am just amazed at the depths to which these CINO Republican Hypocrites will sink AND the stupidity of the voters who elect them.

Sorry, MrSTANDFORAMERICA, (from the video link comments) it is you who did not get your facts straight and are full of Scheiße. "What a loon" (to use the phraseology of one of his idols).

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