Thursday, February 4, 2010

How to bait a wire trap

I almost forgot to mention... putting tuna in wire cage can be messy, if you are not properly prepared. First, get an old paper plate. Cut it into quarters. Bend up the edges. Now, spooning juicy, tempting tuna onto each wedge, is easy. Placing the wedges into the traps can be accomplish with a long arm, or, with a small trenching shovel or garden tool, if you have achondroplasia.

The wedges are especially helpful in gravel yards as are common here in Phoenix, to keeping the flavorful juice close to the fragrant fish flesh. This helps to keep the bait more alluring to feline senses.


  1. Usually, in India..we use trap for catching mouse...we use Cocunut or Wada ( is nice to hear about Cats =)

  2. chillied curried Urad Dal... Bangalore mice have much spicier tastes than Phoenix cats! =) The canned tuna here is very very mild. I caught another one this morning... bringing the total to 5 captures!


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