Sunday, February 7, 2010

Fool In The Rain

Middle of the night last night our home was PELTED by a short tempest. Rattled the windows, blew in the from the north, from the looks of the disheveled potted geranium on the patio this morning, the violent atmospheric eruption lasted about 10 minutes. Of course, Dr Desert Flower blissfully slept through it since there was no associated lightening to awaken her - being more than 1/2 deaf has it's advantages.

As I go about doing laundry, dishes, litter box dooty duty, etc this morning, the Led Zeppelin classic Fool in the Rain continues to replay in my head. There IS an AWESOME base drum line repeated throughout this song - LONG before double bass drum pedals were invented, Bonham's right foot was fast twitching beautifully. Kids now a days with their modern technology =P ...and if you tried to play this with a double bass pedal, the nuanced hi-hat "psssssishs" would be lost. The drum fill at the 3:48 mark is a representative of remarkable beauty as well. Simplified, inimitable. Good stuff.Sweet. Lovely technique. One of my favorite LZ songs.

And it wins my nomination for best use of a traffic whistle & steel drums (combined) in a song. The Police's Every Little Things She Does Is Magic get's it for steel drums in m.h.o.... and Stewart's fill at 2:51 mark (link here) is another classic! OMG - the shorts Sting is wearing in the studio at the start of the video... I used to have those!!! I met Dr Desert Flower in those same shorts in 1986!! LOL!

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