Monday, February 15, 2010

Joe's Guide For Driving In Winter Weather For Southern Drivers Part II

I was chastised for not mentioning "steering" yesterday by several people via comments and email. Steering is simple.

- drive normally, gradually, don't make extreme turns. Keep in mind that inertia and momentum work. Bodies in motion tend to stay in motion.

- IF your rear wheels begin to slide to the left, steer into it - steer to the left, regain control. IF your wheels begin to slide to the right, steer to the right, regain control. DO NOT steer to the right when you start to drift to the left, unless you want to start a severe clockwise spin.

- If you're driving a front wheel drive car, whose engine and transmission (and the 300 to 500 lbs of steel and aluminum and cast iron they contain) are over the steering and driving axles, steering will be easier, doing donuts will be harder to do.

- all of the "massive snow" that the SC Upstate got on Saturday, has melted by Monday night. The rain that Greenville got this morning helped to wash the remaining white stuff. See, it's the South, snow and ice melt, rapidly. Only the shadiest pine stands had tiny bits of residual snow on north facing slopes.

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