Thursday, February 4, 2010

Two Pussies Happily Sharing The Same Bed

It appears that these two pussies need their vitamin D. One of the windows in our Master bed room faces south, and both cats have been very happy to share the same sunny bed, all week. The house has been a steady 75F, without turning the heat on this month. It dropped down to 72F average in January, after a 74F average room temp in December. El Niño has brought moderate temperatures and unusually wet weather to AZ this year. All that UV might help our octogenarian felines to boost their Calcitriol

Oh, I DID turn the heat on one morning when the bed room temp was 69F even though the hall thermostat was reading 72F. The gas fired furnace ran for about an hour, one morning in January. After Dr Desert Flower went to work, I turned off the heat, and it has not been back on since.

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