Monday, February 8, 2010

NRA Fear Brokers

Out of the blue last weekend, I get an NRA "Membership Acceptance" certificate in the mail. I've never applied. I've never signed up. I have purchased ammo using a credit card, and in AZ you do have to fill out a registration card when you purchase a fire arm - which I think is a sound logical step to register a legal fire arm.

But Nooooooooo! To read this NRA Platform survey, you'd like that President Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi were coming to take my gun away, throw me in a re-education camp, and make me pay a tax to the IRS for owning a gun every year on my income tax return. It's classic fear mongering, just as Christian[TM] fundamentalists have been using to rally their congregations for years.

Part of me wants to actually sign up, to see what kind of complete BS that Wayne LaPierre spouts out - and I get a "free" roll on duffel bag... but I really don't want to cozy up to such jingoistic reactionary thugs. Guilt by association is an American tradition. It's sort of like how I was approached by some plant security personnel when I first began working in South Carolina, to remind me that they were "having a meeting" that weekend, and to "Bring your sheet. If you ain't got one, we can give you one". Being a transplanted Hoosier, I was confused by reference to a "sheet" but the mentioning of "lighting up a cross" clarified it to me, and I politely declined, telling the security guard supervisor that I'd be out of town. He assured me I had a standing invite to future meetings.

The week that I quit working there, I told the security guard supervisor that I was Jewish and married a Black Catholic, hoping to see his head explode.

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  1. That's the NRA's the merchants of death by riling up the already gun-paranoid militia-types so that the arms manufacturers can sell high-rate-of-fire arms to the US gangs and everything under the sun to militias and other unsavory types abroad. And gun/ammo registrations are their favorite do you think they build their mailing lists?

    And it's not like the NRA's ever been tethered to facts. All their propaganda quotes the latter part of the Second Amendment with no mention of the first 13 words. Convenient huh?


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