Monday, February 1, 2010

Solar Halo in Phoenix Today

The sun had a massive halo around it this afternoon as I worked out poolside. Lots of upper atmosphere frozen moisture. Most likely it'll rain tomorrow... for a very wet winter so far. Il faut voir.

It's really strange, after living in the land of moisture, mold, and green everywhere, where rain was a weekly, if sometimes daily occurrence... that here in the desert, they get all worked up on the weather forecasts about POSSIBLE rain. Sort of like "possible snow, at higher elevations, in the North Carolina Mountains" in the South Carolina Upstate, and all the stores' shelves north of I-85 would be bare of bread and milk... =P


  1. 70% chance today in the valley, and the moon is completely blocked by clouds this morning. 100% in the mountains just north of the city. Parkalam =)


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