Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Stevia in the Raw - No Thanks

Last Sunday morning, Dr Desert Flower and I woke up around 8am without an alarm or screaming children or a dog that needed to be walked... and said "let's go out to breakfast." A quick Google search showed "The Good Egg" had a location in Glendale not far from the Trader Joe's where we shop, so we packed up the reusable grocery bags, and headed to 83rd Avenue just south of Union Hills.

Arriving about 15 minutes before early mass let out (Phoenix IS full of Catholics and LDS), we got a table right away. DDF's skillet breakfast and my veggie and meat crepe-like omelet was delicious, and after our first cup of coffee, DDF found a light green "Stevia in the Raw" packet snuck in between yellow Splenda and blue Equal synthetic corporate poison packs. My 2nd cup of coffee benefited from the sweet Stevia addition. Upon closer examination of the package, in the small print, one can read "Ingredients: Dextrose, Stevia Extract". Dextrose, really? D-glucose. Sugar. Pourquoi??? And listed first, it is more than 50% of the packet by weight!

Cumberland Packaging Corp, Brooklyn NY, your product labeling is misleading. "100% Natural. Zero Calories" - yes, it's natural and for the Stevia there's zero calories... but you've got at least 500mg of crystallized glucose in that 1g packet, AKA 2 calories, and an excellent trigger for insulin / adrenalin driven hunger. Why spoil the Stevia with ANY added sugar? Sure, Stevia is not as smoothly granular and pourable as sugar can be, but trust me, fans of Stevia know this aspect, and we know that any little packet of Stevia needs to be torn longitudinally to get to all the contents easily. I'll stick to my Organic 100% Stevia from Trader Joes and Fresh & Easy. I don't need to be 'rubbed raw' by any unnecessary added sugar when the Stevia does Just Fine all by itself.

It was nice that "The Good Egg" attempted to have a variety of different sweeteners. It just sucks that they selected one that is misleading. Had it been labeled as "Sugar & Stevia" I doubt many packets would be used.


  1. Thanks for helping make people aware of misleading packaging! Question. is your 100% Organic Stevia from trader Joe's green in color? If not you can have real Certified Organic Green Leaf Stevia Powder delivered right to your door from <a href="http://www.suedehills.com/>Suede Hills Organic Farm</a> www.suedehills.com or call their toll free number

  2. I've read that Stevia in the Raw is 95.8% table sugar.

    I use SweetLeaf brand of stevia. It contains no form of sugar or suagr alcohols.


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