Saturday, February 27, 2010

Cars Tossed Around Like Discarded Hotwheels & Matchbox

Having only been a 2.5 quake in the Midwest, I have no personal perspective on what a 8.8 magnitude quake would feel like (knowing the Richter scale is logarithmic, not linear). But when I see a collapsed highway in Chile, and cars on the highway with "wheels up", thrown around as if a hurricane bounced them (link here), the magnitude of the vibrations had to be intense. I hope post-1960's quake Santiago was rebuilt better than poor-and-corrupt Haiti's Port Au Prince. Ya veramos - il faut voir.

At least the predicted tsunami was in Hawaii was more like a rapid high tide than a wave of mass destruction. Must be that Satan is in league with Obama, who comes from Hawaii, to protect that archipelago - yeah, try and explain that one away Pat Robertson.

I think the East Pacific Rise saved Hawaii. As that massive burst of seismic-energy-turned-into-fluid-dynamic-wave propagated radially away from Chile, it had to cross a 25,000 foot mountain range, which it probably blasted & scoured enroute to Hawaii & New Zealand.

It'll be interesting to read the peer reviewed Science articles, a year from now, about how and why this didn't inundate Hawaii as it did in 1960's largest quake ever recorded by humans (link here). Being logarithmic, 1960's 9.5 is more than twice as large as this morning's 8.8.

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