Monday, February 15, 2010


My sophomore year in High School band, we played the Leonard Bernstein's Candide Overture in concert. I've been humming it all day as I walk around the main plant's offices here in Greenville. I remember it was sophomore year, as Joe Sabo played the maniacal xylophone part, Jim Hoogeveen on the precise snare part, accomplice Rob Klonel beside him on bass drum. I got to play crash cymbals... and this song is perhaps the best song ever for a cymbalist. It almost made up for having to play cymbals my entire freshman year in marching band... but in the end I got to be percussion section leader 2 years later, so that's not all bad.


  1. This is Rob the hell do you remember all this stuff in detail? I can't even remember my own name most days!

  2. Rob! how the hell are you!?! Awesome to hear from you!

    You, Jim, and Joe were excellent mentors / role models / good examples to a young, impressionable, wet-behind-the-ears kid like me back then, and Bernstein writes some memorable stuff. That, and I've got a extensive mental storage cabinet where I file this stuff I guess.

    I'm glad google could help link us after almost 30 years. =)


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