Thursday, December 3, 2009

White Rabbit & Hockey, now on Pandora

Thanks to NPR's new journalistic lows, I logged into Pandora for the first time in a week. Finally, they have both White Rabbit AND Hockey listed. Stations have been created. Very cool.

If you're looking for some "new music" that is vaguely reminiscent of the mid 1980s, well produced (in my opinion), and strongly alternative in genre, check out these 2 Pandora stations [and yes Matt, I know you call it "I'll turn it off", but sometimes it's fun to turn my brain off and tap my hi-hat foot under my desk reflexively].

Too bad Pandora is infected with periodic ads now.... but there's always a mute button for those!

[and I cringe as I anticipate Californian and Nevadian negative comments being posted here... but I really am happy that Pandora is catching up with what I've pinging it about, and want to let others in AZ, Ohio, NY, GA, Maine, SC, and various other locales know it's available]

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