Sunday, December 13, 2009

Zip +4 Look Up

I was unaware that the US Postal Service had such a handy website. (Link here)

Now if they could just stop losing parcels that relatives send from Indiana to Phoenix...


  1. I have sent thousands of packages using USPS and they have not lost a single one. A few were late, but never lost.

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  3. Some dumbass spammer tried posting here. How stupid do spammers like 身體 think people really are?

  4. Matt,
    my parents sent parcels without tracking numbers or signatures, and, they were irregularly shaped packages of questionable construction. My guess is, they were shredded in a conveyor belt turn somewhere, and rendered unrecognizable. The USPS has delivered things like Victoria Secret catalogs that were ripped, in a "We're sorry this is damaged" see-through poly ethylene USPS outer bag, so I know they can recover (they've also delivered shredded Netflix envelopes, sans DVD, in the same sort of "we're sorry" packaging).

    I'm not saying the USPS cannot deliver packages, they certainly can and you have proven it many times. It's just the ones that get sent from IN to PHX in the past, have become AWOL.

  5. I recommend Priority Mail. It often goes air instead of ground and is 80% of Express for half the price. Definitely receives better handling. You would get it in 2-3 days to/from IN/PHX.

    Then of course... a customer emails me this morning wondering where his $300 intake is. I look it up and this is the status:

    "Your item was misrouted. The error has been corrected and every effort is being made to deliver it as soon as possible."

  6. USP{S tracking leaves a lot to be desired. Then again, UPS tracking does too. But I'll take my socialist USPS first class mail over a privatized solution any day.


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