Thursday, December 3, 2009

NPR has sunk to tabloid lows?

If Yahoo News, Google News, the fluff channel now known as CNN, and others feel they need to sink down to tabloid news levels and talk about Tiger Woods, that's fine. I can ignore such popular news feeds. But now this obsession with a golfer has infected NPR? WTF?

I've turned off my radio that's tuned to NPR in my office, as they report repeatedly about it. I fast forwarded through 1/2 of Hardball and Countdown on MSNBC last night as they're obsessed with it. I don't care about golf, or what Tiger Woods does in his personal life, or what he puts on his website. Had Tiger gone out and raped nuns and orphans, I'd want to know and hope he'd be punished by the justice system swiftly. If he was sodomizing goats, I'd hope he'd meet justice as well. But there's NO STORY here.

Why are Americans, and apparently large chunks of populations in the rest of the world, pathetically obsessed with Tiger Woods, Michael Jackson, the Salahis, David Beckham, and other 'personalities'? Are they THAT hollow, without lives of their own, to have to obsess about every little tidbit of distracting paparazzi vacuous nuance? I am not in that lot.

I hereby boycott all broadcast information about Tiger Woods, for the rest of 2009. It's not "news", it's fluff. It's irrelevant to my life. Far too much time has already been spent on this non-story. If Tiger Woods starts to again win lots of tournaments in 2010, good for him. If he doesn't, let him fade into obscurity. Who cares. The same goes for all the Jacksons, the Salahis, and Beckhams. Je m'en fiche.

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