Wednesday, December 30, 2009

So we have That to look forward to...

Asteroid Apophis Might hit Earth in 2029 (NASA put it at 1 in 45 chance). The Russian's have announced they're going to try and take it out / deflect it / deter it somehow. It's 885 feet across, and traveling at 1.28256 Km/sec. Using this handy calculator (link here and here) from the University of Arizona's Lunar and Planetary Lab, you can see what Apophis might, or might not, do in your neighborhood. Distance from the point of impact is everything (location, location, location) at only 885 ft - if Apophis was many times larger, distance wouldn't matter, the atmosphere would be vaporized.

I learned this afternoon, that the nearly 1 mile crater, 550 feet deep in Northern Arizona near Winslow, was caused by a solid, dense iron meteorite that was only an estimated 66 feet across.

Perfect for the incredibly dark mood that has overwhelmed this father-of-one after dropping off my progeny at Sky Harbor Airport this afternoon. It was a fantastic 2 week visit - the best vacation of my life.

Maybe some yoga poolside, in the sunshine, will help to brighten my day...

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  1. Don't worry...Sarah Palin will pray to God(TM) that it misses and we'll be just fine...youbetcha.


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