Friday, December 18, 2009

She's a Butte-e'

Today, my son and I climbed every peak of every bluff in Papago Park. It was fantastic! We went up in elevation over 1700 ft elevation, scaling sheer rock walls with barely a toe-hold. There were 2 times (on the way down) that I thought I was going to fall /die / come to my demise... but Christopher guided his decrepit old father to a safe foot hold, and we made it safely back to the car. It was an INVIGORATING hike & climb - I'd show you picture (or a few), but Dr Desert Flower has taken our son to a party full of scientists this evening which I have elected not to go to due to Dr-Lecherous-Baby-Huey being there who I have zero tolerance for his all-too-friendly-behaviour with other men's wives (including motor boating... really.. motor boating other men's wives is supposed to be socially acceptable? really?). Jose Cuervo, he is my friend - after 2 pitchers of margaritas shared with my son! Life is good.

After the hike we went to Lo Lo's Chicken & Waffles - which I also had a picture of an awesome 4 egg waffle I had... locked away in the absconded camera.... more later this weekend. Christopher has 2 waffles, grits, scrambled eggs, and mac & cheese... not like his low carb daddy!

I am very sore, and very tired, but it is good to be alive, and awesome to not have children in diapers (or who still live at home!). Good night!!!!


  1. Is "motor boating" a euphemism for something?

  2. i understand it to mean planting your face between a woman's breasts, pushing air through your lips to make a motor boat sound, and moving your face back and forth like... a rudder, i suppose.

    good god, is that what this guy is doing to other people's wives? i don't think a court in the world would convict you for punching the guy in the propeller.

  3. Zim, you have accurately described the euphemism. I'd never seen or heard of it, before I moved to AZ. Dr Baby Huey, or as my son calls him "Huey Lewis, you know, one of the worst albums of the last century" never passes up a chance to do it. Some female participants appear to be enthusiastic about it (the attention, perhaps?) while others seem to tolerate it, as they look around nervously for their husband / boy friend / significant other. Dr B.H. is pretty much the antithesis of "The Joe" (as Dr Desert Flower refers to me) and like oil & water, or Francium & Water, we don't mix well. =)

  4. Uh... you're not winding me up? You're serious? A guy at a party sticks his face between women's breasts like that? And hasn't had his teeth kicked in for it? Good lord, I pity the fool who did that to my wife.

  5. Completely serious. Husbands' reactions that I've observed have been "oh, He's harmless", to "well, she's drunk", to the absentee spouse saying "he did what?!" Dr Lecherous-Baby-Huey has not tried it on Dr Desert Flower, and I don't think he's dumb enough (or has a death wish) to do so.

    You had me laughing loudly here with "I pity the fool" ... picturing you with a mohawk, copious gold chains, and a tig welder...

  6. Yeah, that's about right. I'd give myself 90 minutes to fashion a working tank (with which we will bust out of the besieged warehouse and save the orphans) from the guy's bones.


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