Thursday, December 24, 2009

250 Rounds

This is what 250 rounds look like, discharged at a shooting range, over 1 hour yesterday.
2 persons range fee for an hour: $14 each
2 boxes of 100 Winchester 9 x 19 rounds, from Cabelas: $13.99 each
bought at the range box of 50 Remington 9 x 19: $16
ink jet print outs: $1
Standard NRA bulls-eye targets (Dad's on the left, son's on the right): $1.50
Father & Son bonding experience handling firearms responsibly: Priceless

On the "Mugger" home-made target, Christopher immediately shot at the drawing's crotch, then hand, then gun, then each thigh. I aimed for the mouth, then added "buttons" down the zip up hoodie. I tried to hit his eyes (at 25 feet) but kept putting rounds at the bridge of his nose or into his cheeks instead. The "over the shoulder" holes were a clip of "groupings" to see how close we could get each 'cloud' to be. The boy's a natural with a Glock 17.


  1. That home-made target looks like Beavis in a hoodie.

  2. Or Bobby from King of the Hill. Definitely a Mike Judge mugger. No zombie targets?

  3. LOL! It's funny you mention zombies, as last night, as we opened a 2nd bottle, that's one of the things we discussed we'll incorporate next year.

    My father used to take me shooting at Hansen's In Highland often as a kid. We always bought standard targets to plink out with our 22s. I like the "make it your own" personalized touch.

    We did not take the 12 ga or the 22 this year - and the range had a new note on the counter saying "no pistol gripped shot guns". I asked "Why?" and they said idiot customers would shoot the roof when they did not know how to handle them. Idiocracy ruining it for everyone.

    There'll be plenty-o-zombies next year.


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