Saturday, December 26, 2009

Baths are under-rated

After a long chilly hike this evening, I took an hour to indulge in a long, warm, relaxing organic bubble bath. I used to think baths were for wusses, and through my 20s and 30s, I took maybe 3 or 4 baths, total. Now, in my 40s, and living in a 10% RH environment, and doing more volunteer manual labor and tons more hiking, I fully appreciate an extended warm bath. A glass or two of wine (or in tonight's case, Deco Port we'd opened earlier this week) helps to relax tired muscles as well.

The bubbles are a self-timing device. Once all the bubbles are gone, the water's not so warm, and soaking bath time is over - approx duration, 1 hour. Tub size is important - I tried to take a hall bathroom last month, but it was too small, and I wound up dumping large amounts of water onto the floor each time I sank into or rose out of the tub. The Master-bath suite in our Phoenix home here has a small garden tub - 1/2 the size of the Simpsonville SC tub-for-two we used to have. This Phoenix garden tub is JUST big enough to do some sitting yoga poses (peddler's pose, or Lotus pose, for example), which help one to relax as well.

When my son was little, I gave him more baths than I can count. We even had matching Mr Bubble T-shirts before he was in kindergarten. Giving all those baths aged my lower back 20 or 30 years in 3 or 4, and really put a damper on taking baths thereafter. Now that I'm much older, and a little wiser, and living in a very low humidity desert environment, baths are a decadent pleasure to be indulged in, at least once a month - about the same amount of time it takes to replace your skin naturally. No longer under-appreciated.

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