Monday, December 14, 2009

®evolutionary Tea

Dr Desert Flower's company Christmas party was held last Saturday night at the Wyndham downtown, and it was a pleasant evening for employees & their attending guests, carnivores, omnivores, and vegetarians, ludomaniacs and those who don't experience ludomania. I had an introduction to how to play craps, which I find far too arcane for my enjoyment personally, and then played blackjack with an extremely sympathetic dealer who tried to make sure the House always lost. Amusing, to a degree. Interestingly, the band got the most people dancing when they went on break and put on Kenny Loggin's greatest hits CD - LOL! The band was not bad... they played and sounded well, they were just rather mellow / sedated / playing songs my to which my parents would have felt comfortable dancing (sans polkas).

But what was Most Memorable about the evening - other than DDF's stunning gorgeousness in the black satin pencil skirt and Christmas Green silk blouse from White House/Black Market - was the tea. Yes, the tea! The Wyndham coffee station table served a variety of 5 different teas from ®evolution, which I found quite delicious. The Tropical Green Tea was good, but the Sweet Ginger Peach had a savoury blend I'd never tasted before, and want to have more soon. Admittedly, I snuck an unopened single serving box of Early Grey Lavender, which I've tried this afternoon to find relaxing and refreshing after an hour of yoga on the pool deck in this quite humid (45% RH) 64
°F Phoenix day. For times when a massive dose of caffeine is not needed, in the future I think I will be turning to ®evolution.


  1. Sounds lovely, but surely you must be confused...they don't sell green at WH/BM! Or perhaps your black and white look different in the wild west.

  2. you are correct! The skirt was WH/BM sourced. The blouse... on ne sais jamais. =)


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