Monday, August 31, 2009

Local AZ Treasonous Loons

Yeah, excited right wing 2nd amendment zealots try to say that bringing weapons to Presidential Rallies is demonstrating their 2nd amendment rights. Sure, nice story. But, when you read deeper (as Dr Desert Flower did Sunday morning), you find that the Baptist Preacher, of the church where the first AR15 carrying protester attends in Tempe Arizona, has preached to his flock " Tempe pastor asks for death of President Barack Obama". (18 USC section 871 "Threats against President and successors to the Presidency")

Yes, a treasonous, religious leader, has published a sermon on his website "Why I Hate Barack Obama" - and how he is praying for his death. In the sermon, he is stating how he wants the President to be killed (like a slug with salt), and "aborted". The US Secret Service has had a talk with this nice man too. What harm does a public figure asking for such things do? Well, it inspires an individual in his parish to take his loaded automatic weapon into the center of a major metropolitan area. A reactionary Pastor with a history of confronting authority (Border Patrol & Department of Public Safety officials) violently, inspires his flock. Yeah, it's all about 2nd Amendment rights and "freedom". If you believe that, I've got some land outside of Florence Arizona in which you might be interested.


  1. Since these C.I.N.O. assholes are so into the Bill of Rights and all, I wonder what they would think if a bunch of middle-eastern Americans were to show up wearing turbans, exercising their 2nd Amendment rights by carrying AK47's and scimitars (in plain view of course to keep it "legal"), and exercising their 1st Amendment rights by chanting "Allahu Akbar!" over and over. Just wondering how supportive of the Bill of Rights they would be then. They are all members of the ACLU too, right? Just wondering...

  2. Silly Matt, you know the teabaggers only believe in constitutional rights when it suits their purposes. They create their own reality, you know.


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