Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Everything Needs To Be "For Profit"!!

All this outrage about how "Health Care NEEDS to be PROFITABLE!"
Why stop at Health Care? Why not make Everything in the U.S. subject to the free market, let Capitalism drive perfection into every aspect of our lives. After all, only Socialist Countries fund and regulate things like:
  • Sewage Treatment
  • Municipal Water Supplies (you know, Cholera & E.Coli free, that sort of thing)
  • National Defense
  • Disaster Relief (response to earth quakes, hurricanes, floods, etc)
  • Election Regulation & Monitoring
  • Police Forces
  • Fire Departments (and yet somehow, Ambulance Services are still for profit?)
  • Securities & Exchange Enforcement & Regulation (who needs that, anyway?)
  • Murder Investigations
  • Bridge Maintenance
  • Dam Maintenance
  • Fire Code Enforcement
  • Elevator Inspection & Code Enforcement (think about that next time you press the button to select your floor)
  • Product Safety Regulation (for the profit driven companies who don't care if they sicken or kill a few consumers from time to time)
  • Food Safety Enforcement (like E.Coli on lettuce, or tomatoes, or... )
  • Air Traffic Control (so that one for-profit company's radar network doesn't have to hand off to another company's for-profit radar network, when the lives of 1000s of people are at stake)
  • Road Maintenance, especially on Federal Highways (ever drive on I-40 across New Mexico? yikes! pathetic)
  • Charity Health Care (Doctors without Borders, The Red Cross, Red Crescent, etc... you know, the places that the Angry Right Wing Believers insist that the poor should get their Health Care)
Let's make absolutely every aspect of our lives open to the free market. Come on people! What are we waiting for?

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