Monday, August 10, 2009

Bob Inglis & Glenn Beck, not BFFs

Bob Inglis, who ran UNOPPOSED in the South Carolina Upstate (representing eastern Greenville, Spartanburg, and the metropolis of Boiling Springs, where I once had tires mounted and balanced) got SHOUTED DOWN in a town hall meeting recently, when he told his constituents to "turn off the television when Glenn Beck comes on".

Inglis, who is rather moderate Republican - though he still only wants to protect un-born Americans and thinks once you're out of the womb, you don't need no protectin' - is not a bad guy. I never voted for him when I was living there out of principle that I do not vote for someone running unopposed, as I don't support totalitarian regimes that I am not personally the head of (ask my son sometime about the Benevolent Totalitarian Dictatorship he grew up in). I doubt Inglis will run unopposed again.

The ignorant, fearful, lemming like, mis-informed SC Upstate Right Wing Rednecks, who I used to work with, lived near, tolerated peacefully in the SC upstate, go nuts on Bob. Further promoting the Republicans as a purely regional party of the upcoming white minority.

The 'anybodybutbob' video is an amazing showcase of total ignorance. When swine flu or any epidemic hits SC in the future, DO NOT send vaccines! Let SC get their energy from angry anti-American Islamic regimes since the federal guvernmint should not use energy efficient light bulbs! "Listens to NPR too much"? LMFAO! Ignorant, mis-informed fools. No, watch Fox instead. Dee-de-dee!


  1. once again southerners reinforce the stereotypes they claim to hate so much.......

  2. Maybe we should refer them to one of Palin's death panels? They're clearly a waste of good food.


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