Monday, August 31, 2009

NFL + DVR = 80 minute game

Last night as I watched the Chicago Bears trounce the Denver Broncos on NBC, for the first time in my life, I watched a NFL game as it was being recorded on DVR. Commercials took about 4 seconds to fast forward through. Booth reviewed calls took all of 10 or 15 seconds. I did not have to listen at all to Chris Collinsworth droning on - except when he would NOT Shut Up in the 4th quarter. Finally, Madden is gone, and now we have to listen to Collinsworthless? Ah, but DVR to the rescue!

Paused to light the grill, recycle consumed beer, obtain more cold beer, grill wings, eat said wings, were an extra 30 or 40 minutes all-together, max. I could really get used to this. As Stephen Colbert says "it's like having a DVD player, a time machine, and friends, all in one!"

On a regional note, cry-baby Cutler did not do too badly. Finally da Bears have a QB who can do more than hand off to the running back! Hester did a nice 40 yard punt run back to help change momentum. It was a nice Sunday Night pre-season opener. It looks like it won't be a losing season for da Bears. =)


  1. Totally agree on the DVR. It's great. I will find something else to do if what I want to watch is just starting.

  2. Big fan of the DVR, except for sports. I guess I'm too tempted to FF (or check online) to see the result.

    And there is something magical and pathetic with spending an entire Sunday watching the 3 games network tv provides for me, neatly spaced so I miss nothing but have no time to do anything else that day.

  3. zim, ease into it: start by pausing, at the start, just for 15 minutes while you do something else. Then skip commercials. If that works, take it farther, until you work up to "catching up" with live only after halftime. That alone will save you up to an hour per game.

  4. that is precisely the gradual approach I took. In the end of the 4th quarter, when Collinsworthless was interviewing / introducing some new commentator (a retired Patriot's player) NBC will be using, and they would not shut up, talking over actual plays (which I was still interested in seeing) MUTE came in handy as well, FF only between plays.

    "Magical and pathetic" are extremely accurate, as I have spent many a Sunday in such a way. DVR now enables me to not "miss any action" while skipping the tedium I had not love for.

    Once, at Tim Beitz's home in Ohio, I was impatient to watch The Daily Show, and Tim reprimanded me gently "you can watch it now, with commercials, or, we can watch it in 15 minutes" - until I'd actively used a DVR, that thought never occurred to me, and I thought I was smarter than the "average Bear" (fan).


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