Wednesday, August 5, 2009 has found it's mirror image

The Republicans and Right Wing Conservatives are not as stupid as they seem to be - to rational, thinking, non-ideologues, who are persuaded by facts - at least in observing what works, and then adapting that model to fit their own means. is the Extreme Right Wing (or the newest mantle "libertarian") homologue of the "progressive" (or "far left") George Soros' millions are analogous to Steve Forbes' millions. MoveOn doesn't typically pay their activists to attend town halls, where-as Freedomworks has many hired guns who follow their scripts - lock step, as the Right does so well.

MoveOn has 5 million supporters. Freedumbworks does not publicize how many supporters they do or do not have, but the very angry, very vocal, disenfranchised far right is less than 5% of the US population (at least for those who oppose health care reform), whereas independents are a solid 1/3rd and supporters of Health Care reform are the vast majority of Americans.

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