Thursday, August 27, 2009

Ocotillo Sculptor

Some sculptors like to work in metals or other materials (links here, and here), but I prefer working with the real, organic, growing, living thing, and persuade it into the form I desire, regardless the 37mm spines with points sharp enough to make Mel Gibson giddy as he practices Aramaic, covering every arm. Ocotillo Sculpture, is one of my hobbies. The hummingbirds love to perch within the heavily guarded confines as well, as it is adjacent to the nectar feeders. Ocotillos in the wild can sprawl quite alot.

Compare and contrast 2008 to 2009, above. It's a constant evolution, and I enjoy bending hardy desert organisms to my somewhat clumsy, determined, bi-pedal, stubborn Eastern European will.

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