Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Daniella Mangoes

Maybe it's because I spent several years in Jr High and High School working evenings and weekends making boxes at the print & lithography shop where my dad used to work (next to WJOB's radio tower in Hammond), maybe it's just a heightened awareness of food safety, perhaps it's my aging focus on personal health, or maybe it's some combination therein, but I've been noticing how the produce I've been buying has been increasingly well marked.

I recently picked up a flat of a dozen Mexican Mangoes at Costo for $9.
Daniella Mangos, Variety Kent, Item 83303, bar code 6-0454612750-6, lot 229928, grown and packed by Agricola Daniella, Tel (668)... Fax(668)... El Porvenir, Ahome, Sin, www.agricoladaniella.com.mx
Distributed by Splendid Products, 1011 Cadilla Way, Burlingame CA, 94010, ph (650)... www.splendidproducts.com
with a side note of
"primuslabs.com, when food safety counts"

The mangoes are fantastic - ripe, juicy, tasty, succulent. 3 consumed, 9 in the fridge to slow down the rest of the ripening process. Had they been sub-par, or contaminated somehow, or recalled, there is no shortage of clear labeling to identify this flat, in this lot, in this shipment, to this store, in this state. Nice to see effective product marking is beginning to catch up with modern living.

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