Tuesday, August 4, 2009

How Well Off Is Your State?

Dr Desert Flower sent me this handy link last weekend: https://www.healthcare.gov/
It nicely summarizes the haves and have-nots. My favorites are my former state of SC, and current residence in AZ. They're just facts, showing the existing landscape.

Nobody (80% of America) wants to give up a damn thing, as long as they stay healthy. First time they're struck with a serious illness, and their private (not employer provided) personal health insurance plans drops them, or wriggles a way of declaring the illness a pre-existing condition (you took an anti-inflammatory once, 10 years ago!), or they want to change jobs and can't afford COBRA (or try this COBRA instead) =P ...then hopefully they'll have some good bootstraps.

Right Wing Fear Mongering and Dis-information (they want to kill old people! the government wants to ration health care! soylent green is people!) has mobilized the polarized, lemming-like, very-selfish-I-got-mine-screw-you disenfranchised masses to vociferously attack any form of change, no matter how small or non-existent the sacrifice is to Joe-Six-Pack. I suspect America will remain the medically dysfunctional, hyper-selfish, polarized boot strap colony of CINOs that it's evolved into over the last 60 or so years. Il faut voir

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