Monday, August 1, 2011

TDS Amazing Writing this Summer

If you have not had a chance to watch The Daily Show this summer, June and July have been amazing.  Yes, TDS did take the week of July 4th off, but I was in Amsterdam at that time, and I DVR it anyways.  They've not missed a chance to skewer everyone, Democrats, Republicans, Hypocrites & Idiots alike. Some of the highlights are:

June 13th - Wangover Part II, Unwarranted Hype over a part term Alaskan Governor who quit her job
June 14th - 2nd Republican Debate, Hypocrites tripping over themselves
June 15th - Peurto Rico mini-visit coverage

June 20th - Fox News Fair and (un)Balanced contrived indignation begins, NYC's outdoor smoking ban
June 21st - More of Fox News False Statements (Fox can't understand when they are out-matched)
June 22nd - Grecian Burn debt crisis (yogurt & Molotovs) & how wonderful Goldman Sachs CDS still are, John McCain vs Illegal Aliens,
June 23rd - Obama's impotent Afghanistan draw down announcement

June 27th - Happy Gays, For Fox Sake (again!!)
June 28th - Stewart Eviscerates Stewart (showing Fox again, how they just need to STFU as they dig their own grave deeper)
June 29th - Broke Bank Mounting - I can'[t quit you Boehner! Hilarious!!!
June 30th - Unenthusiastic Republicans, Guano Bachmann, and the advent of the Willie Geist "you should be ashamed" glare

July 4th - The 1st Amendment, 25th Amendment, 2nd Amendment, 21st Amendment, and 14th Amendment

July 11th - Murdoch's troubles
July 12th - Republican allergies to raising ANY revenue to pay for government services
July 13th - Marcus Bachmann's fabulousness
July 14th -Armadebtdon Republican outrage

July 18th - Job Creators, NOT "rich people"
July 19th - More Fox Hypocrisy
July 20th - More Murdoch coverage you won't see on Fox
July 21st - Survival of the Funded, Statements of Clarity That Probably Won't Do You Any Good

July 25th - Armadebtdon 2011 coverage continues
July 26th - The Rightans
July 27th - Right Wing Christian Hypocrisy, GOP SVU
July 28th - Republicans misunderstand & misapply The Town, Dodd-Frank Law F*cking, Cancer is not covered for 9-11 First Responders

Really excellent stuff.  And Colbert's been on target as well. An excellent way to end an evening.

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