Monday, August 15, 2011


Devoutly fundamentalist, homophobic, quick creationist, foot-long loving, never-passed-a-single-piece-of-Congressional-legislation Michelle Bachmann Over-Drive won the Ames Iowa straw poll this weekend.  The VU meter below shows you how much I care.  Representative Bachmann can join the previous winners of the Ame's straw poll
- 1980 President George H Bush
- President Pat Robertson
- Presidents Bob Dole & Phil Gramm
- President Mitt Romney
Yeah, so very relevant.  But you say that Ames predicts the future Iowa Caucus winner and how that winner's momentum will carry them to the presidency of the United States? 

Sure, just talk to Presidents Dole and Huckabee.  They'll attest to how predictive the Iowa Caucuses are. 

Ron Paul gets no respect, coming in a close 2nd, and getting nearly no media coverage.  Sure Dr Paul, you're rich and your son (with his fake ophthalmology professional association he invented) are rich, and you've got the "I've got mine, screw everyone else" myopic libertarian philosophy that so many well-off Americans have [The other LARGE group of libertarians are stoners, who don't want the government regulating what they smoke... but outside of celebrities who are already rich, most stoners who partake on a daily basis will never become rich due to the relaxing, de-motivational, slacker enducing effects of cannibas consumption].  Ron Paul is not electable to national office.

Rick Perry's hypocrisy, devout right wing entrenchment, threats of secession, abysmal environmental record, flip-flopping on the HPV immunization of Texas teens, Texas's pathetic literacy & High School graduation rates, Texas's re-writing of history books, apocryphal religious embrace, and  previous endorsement of Al Gore, needs to be well publicized.  Perhaps a Perry / Bachmann ticket would be enough to galvanize sane and rational voters to turn out in 2012? 

If I was forced to live in a Republican Plutocracy, then a Romeny or Huntsman Plutocracy would be the least odious, since Huntsman is actually a moderate (and the least electable in a Republican primary) and Romney is a RINO who'll say anything to get elected, and then help his rich corporate friends get richer as he helps them to ship more jobs over seas in a shrinking domestic services-only economy.  I don't think either Mormon would turn the US into an evangelical fundamentalist 2nd world back-water.  Romney is like a cross between a used car salesman crossed with the guy who laid off your Uncle - Gordon Gecko & Guy Smiley hybrid, and just as appealing.  Huntsman at least is fluent in Mandarin, so he will be able to understand the new owners of America.

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