Monday, August 15, 2011

Patriotic Millionaires? Or... ?

Are millionaires like cardboard box magnate ( chairman of cardboard-box company U.S. Corrugated) Dennis Mehiel "Patriotic Millionaires" as they claim to be?  They are asking that the federal government raise taxes on people who make more than $1 million a year. 200 millionaires have signed a letter to this effect.  Or are they more worried about the coming pitch-fork and torches revolt that America may be heading towards?  Sure, Mehiel will sell fewer boxes as manufacturing continues to decline in the US, with people like Romney closing down factories and sending work over-seas, so there is SOME capitalistic self-preservation at work... but I wonder how much of it is actual fear of a pending revolt from common citizens?

I heard Mehiel interviewed on the BBC this afternoon (no links yet available), and he ripped into Republican ideologues who claim that the ONLY WAY to stimulate job growth is through lower taxes.  "People who believe that do not understand the basic theory of capitalism" Mehiel said.  I like this guy.  He makes sense.  Ergo, politicians will not listen to him.


  1. I also heard the Dennis Mehiel interview on the BBC. I really liked what I heard him say and I want to hear it again to quote some of what he said because it made a lot of sense. I haven't found any links for it yet either. I hope it gets posted. If you or anyone finds a link, please post it!

  2. tediathome, Vermont Public Radio has a link here: Cached Link (I could not get the non-cached to open with Mozilla).

  3. Ah, Eventually, VPR responded (about 3 minutes later):

    (or hot link here )


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